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TKR with Augmented Reality

Robotics, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence these cutting-edge technologies are transforming Joint Replacement Surgery from a futuristic dream into a reality, thanks to the pioneering efforts of Dr. Manuj Wadhwa and Elite Orthopaedics.

Knee and Hip Replacement Surgeries, known for their safety and effectiveness, have now entered a new era of enhanced quality of life, and reduced risks, and complications through the integration of Robotics and Augmented Reality.

In the realm of Robotic Joint Replacement, surgeons, guided by a robotic arm, delicately remove damaged joint tissue and replace it with an artificial joint, ensuring a level of precision previously unimaginable. Augmented Reality takes the visualization of the joint to new heights, offering a dynamic three- dimensional view. This advanced technology aids in meticulous procedure planning and ensures optimal implant positioning tailored to each patient's unique anatomy.

Patient Perspectives: Hopes and Hesitations

Patients today seek not just medical care but also the latest and best technology, placing a premium on precision and accuracy. However, the apprehension about trying something new is understandable. Patients often grapple with concerns about the safety and potential risks associated with these advanced surgical procedures, along with fears of post-surgery pain and extended hospital stays.

Precision and Comfort: Addressing Patient Concerns with Robotics and Augmented Reality in Joint Replacement Surgery The integration of robotics and augmented reality in joint replacement surgery marks a significant leap, allowing personalized treatment plans based on each patient's unique needs and bone structure.

"Each knee is unique and should be treated in an individualized or personalzed manner."

Robotic systems, with their unmatched precision and accuracy, enhance implant alignment and overall surgical outcomes. The introduction of a head- mounted augmented reality (AR) system, projecting 3D models onto the patient during the procedure, provides surgeons with "x-ray vision," ultimately improving surgical accuracy.

To ensure patient comfort post-surgery, a multimodal approach to pain management is adopted. Day Care Arthroplasty, a painless and minimally invasive stitchless approach, has been introduced to address concerns related to hospital stays. Patients can now comfortably recover at home within 24 hours after surgery.


  • Precision for Sure
  • Where Accuracy Meets Perfection
  • Preserving the natural knee with Resurfacing
  • Rapid Recovery After Surgery with Day Care Joint Replacement
  • No Pain, All Gain
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Enhanced Visualization
  • Customization
  • Minimized Tissue Damage
  • Better Patient Outcomes
  • Higher Patient Satisfaction
  • Lower Long-Term Costs
Dr. Manuj Wadhwa
Years Of - Experience 20 +

Dr. Manuj Wadhwa

Chairman & Executive Director Elite Institutes of Orthopedics & Joint Replacement
  • Ivy Hospitals, Punjab
  • Ojas Hospitals, Panchkula
Awards Wining Doctor
  • 2 Times World Book of Records
  • 7 Times Limca Book of Records
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