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High Flexion Knee Implants with Special Polyethylene

High Flexion Knee Implants They are high demand & expectation from surgery is so to restore all activities they used to do when fit & active. So the demand for high flexion is huge whether for religious, recreational or sports activities.
While the conventional implants only accommodated safe flexion till 120 degree. The newer designed high-flex implants accommodations safe flexions up to 155 while maintain the kinematic functions that allows natural rollback.


  • Many daily activities require a higher range of motion:
  • Climbing stairs: 75-140 degrees of bending
  • Sitting in a chair: 90- 130 degrees of bending

Gardening, golfing or activities such as kneeling for prayer and sitting cross- legged can demand up to 130-150 degrees of bending with early diagnosis and good preoperative flexion, high flex bend knees can help appropriate maintain their desired quality of life and activity level.

Need for Surgery:

When you have severe knee pain or significant disability resulting from arthritis or injury, your surgeon can help determine when it is time for knee replacement surgery. Consideration for High flex knee is based on a number of factors-

  • A need and desire to perform high-flexion activities.
  • Capability of 110- 120 degrees of knee flexion prior to surgery
  • Willingness to undergo the rehabilitation necessary to regain flexion.
  • High flexion knee solution not only accommodates flexion up to 150 degree but also coupled with high performance instrumentation provides the best in class knee replacement solution for highly demanding & active lifestyles.