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My Knee Hurt Do I Have Arthritis

Do I have arthritis ?

Knee arthritis refers to damage of the joint surface leading to progressive loss of normal joint function leading to pain, stiffness and limitation of mobility. Common causes of knee arthritis: Osteoarthritis Commonest form: Knee joint damage is due to progression of age, hereditary factors, unhealthy lifestyle, deficient diet, Obesity etc. Inflammatory arthritis, major joint injury, ligament...

Knee Osteoarthritis - Do’s and Don’ts

Knee Osteoarthritis – Do’s and Don’ts

Most common cause of limitation of physical activity in elderly is knee pain due to damage of knee joints. Osteoarthritis of knee is an age related wear and tear due to rubbing of joint surfaces leading to knee damage. Not only it hampers day to day activities, pain due to knee damage may be unbearable....

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