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Busting the common myths around joint replacement

Busting the common myths around joint replacement

Myth #1: Surgery is the only way to solve knee or hip problem Well, not really. Specialists prefer to try a number of non-surgical options first, including exercise, physical therapy, bracing, injections, medications – and weight loss, which can significantly reduce the pain. Myth #2: I wish I had the procedure earlier. Now I’m probably...

How long will the new knee joint last_

How long will the new knee joint last?

India is in many ways is the ARTHRITIS CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. More people needing knee replacement surgery here than anywhere else in the world. For people considering knee replacement surgery, it’s something they want — and need — to know. When Joint Replacement surgeries were first performed in the early 1970s, it was thought...

Knee Implants - Designed for Women

Knee Implants – Designed for Women

It is said that GOD created everybody differently. This holds true for men and women as well. By nature and by anatomy, WOMEN are different from men. Research indicates that a woman’s knee is a smaller version of a Man’s knee. Also, the differences extend to the bones, ligaments and tendons in the joints.Based on...

Choosing the Right Knee Implant

Choose the Right Knee Implant

One of the most important things you will want to discuss with your selected Knee Surgeon is to Choose of the Right Knee Implant. There is most certainly no single “best prosthesis” on the market. The choice of prosthesis may not be left entirely to the patient, but it is still very important to understand which prosthesis...

Blog - NKR Natural Knee Resurfacing

Natural Knee Resurfacing – NKR

Natural Knee Resurfacing – NKR is an active Knee Solution created for active arthritis patients seeking options beyond traditional total knee replacement. This advanced technology aims to provide more normal motion and higher performance through natural preservation of bone and soft tissues. In other words, Our Natural Knee Joint has 3 compartments and mostly single...

When do I need Knee Replacement Surgery

When do I need Joint Replacement Surgery ?

What is a Joint Replacement Surgery ? In this procedure the damaged joint( hip or knee) is replaced with an artificial joint made of plastic, metal or polymers. The implants are fixed to the bone with help of bone cement (knee) or both with/without bone cement (hip). The major ligaments & tendons around knee joint...

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